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Personal Accident

If you are involved in an accident at work or at home, our scheme can ease some of the strains of coping.  The George Burrows Group Insurance Scheme can provide personal accident benefits for serving officers, retired officers and their partners. 

Benefits of cover can include:

  • Temporary total disablement
    If you are injured at work or have an accident elsewhere, you can claim a weekly benefit for the time you are absent from work. Cover is provided for up to 104 weeks from the date of the accident. Benefit is payable from the eighth day of incapacity.
  • Permanent total disablement (PTD)
    PTD means disablement which entirely prevents the insured person from attending to any business or occupation for 12 months and which after that time, is beyond hope of improvement. This benefit is applicable to disablement caused by an injury on duty or any accident.
  • Permanent total loss of eye(s), limb(s), hearing or speech
    If, as a result of an injury on duty or any accident, you suffer permanent total loss of eye(s), limb(s), hearing or speech, a benefit payment will be made to you.
  • Unrecovered Criminal Court Compensation (following assault)
    Cover is provided for serving police officers only. If, following an assault, compensation you have been awarded by a court has not been paid within six months from the date of the award, a benefit payment will be made to you.
  • Hospital benefit
    If, following an accident, you are admitted to hospital, you will receive a payment for each night of your stay, up to a maximum of seven nights
  • Offensive weapons assault benefit                                  If you sustain accidental bodily injury in the course of duty, directly caused by the discharge of a firearm, crossbow, shotgun or stabbing with a sharp instrument, and the injury sustained prevents continuation of pre-assault duties for up to 7 consecutive days, a sepcified lump sum benefit payment will be made to you.
Personal Accident

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If you're interested in providing a group insurance scheme to your members please contact Rob Constable or Tracy Allen to discuss your requirements.

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